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Privacy policy

The personal data that is going to be collected by Linxfiles.com service:
  1. 1. IP address
  2. 2. Operating system and browser type
  3. 3. Cookies
  4. 4. Login, e-mail address, phone and any other data that may be explicitly supplied by user
  5. 5. Uploaded and downloaded files
  6. 6. Any other actions performed while using the site

Purposes of collecting the personal data:
  1. 1. Site metrics
  2. 2. Advertising system
  3. 3. Providing an access to private part associated with specific user
  4. 4. Sending site news
  5. 5. Detecting Site TOS abusing or any applicable laws violations
  6. 6. Improving user experience

Legal basis for data processing:

We require a prior user's consent before starting any data processing on Linxfiles.com.

How long do we store the personal data:

We store the personal data until a deletion request from user or a deletion on behalf of site's administrator.